Local Makers Gift Guide

Posted by Ingrid Bauer, MD, MS on Oct 25th 2021

When it comes to gift giving, it’s the thought that counts—and what could be more thoughtful than gifts that bring joy and well-being to the recipient, the community, and the planet? When shopping, … read more
3 Fall Drink Recipes with Medicinal Mushrooms

Posted by Jules Benefico, Certified Clinical Herbalist on Oct 5th 2021

Medicinal mushrooms are powerful allies for our immune, nervous, and endocrine systems, and their benefits don’t stop there: they can support memory, bolster energy levels, provide revitalizing ant … read more
Yoga & Herbs for Managing Stress

Posted by Ingrid Bauer, MD, MS on Sep 21st 2021

Lately, many of us have been struggling to cope with intense social, financial, ecological, physical, and emotional stressors. As a physician, a small businessperson, a mom, and global ci … read more
Simple DIY Tincture Blends for Home Herbalists

Posted by Benjamin Zappin, LAc on Sep 21st 2021

As medical professionals, co-founder Ingrid Bauer (MD) and I regularly create special herbal remedies tailored to the specific needs of our patients, our family members, or ourselves. Formulation f … read more