Quality Herbs

Superior extracts are only possible with superior botanicals. We source from the most reputable herb suppliers, including local farms and responsible wildcrafters. We are proud to work only with herb importers and domestic suppliers who employ rigid standards and quality assurance testing. Many of our Chinese herbs are certified organic, and all of the Western herbs we buy are certified organic, locally grown, or ethically wildcrafted. Five Flavors Herbs is certified organic handler through California Certified Organic Farmers, and many of our products are certified organic.

cGMP Compliance

In addition to the analysis provided by our qualified suppliers, we apply and adhere to comprehensive specifications for each ingredient and formulation. We contract with accredited product testing labs to ensure our extracts and finished products meet safety standards for microbiological and elemental contaminants. We diligently strive to adhere to the FDA Good Manufacturing Practices for Dietary Supplements (21 CFR 111) to provide consistent, safe, and dependable products. We are third party cGMP certified by SGS.