Lung Support Oxymel Recipe

Posted by Jules Benefico, Certified Clinical Herbalist on Aug 15th 2021

When you live in the western US, respiratory health is not something you can take for granted. In addition to the regular complaints that arise each autumn during the season of sniffles and scratch … read more
Must-Have Herbal Supplements for Travel

Posted by Ingrid Bauer, MD, MS on Jul 23rd 2021

This summer, many of us are trying out traveling for the first time in a long while. Whether you are going by air, sea, or land, to foreign or domestic locations, roughing it or going luxe, leaving … read more
We Go Overboard with Quality Testing—Here’s Why

Posted by Élan Sudberg & Benjamin Zappin, LAc on Jun 25th 2021

Herbalism was  humankind’s first medicine option. But when “Big Pharma” was born, the business interests behind it got to work discrediting herbal remedies, recasting them as “snake oil,” or … read more
Herbs to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

Posted by Jules Benefico, Certified Clinical Herbalist on Jun 1st 2021

The summer solstice is the lightest and longest day of the year, as the sun is at its peak and Mother Nature is fully blossomed. This is a time of celebration of the light and also honoring that th … read more