Elderberry Benefits, Uses & Mocktail Recipe

Posted by Dr. Catie Morse, N.D. on Dec 15th 2021

We are proud to share this guest post from Dr. Catie Morse, founder and formulator of Dr. Appleseed’s Elderberry Extracts—maker of artisanal, small-batch, elderberry syrups and sweetened and u … read more
Adapting to Stress: Natural Tools for Resiliency

Posted by Ingrid Bauer, MD, MS on Nov 30th 2021

If we could pick a word to describe what it takes to survive the past 18 months, it’s resilience. The Oxford English Dictionary defines resilience as the ability to recover quickly after difficulty … read more
Epic Bone Broth Benefits & Recipes with Medicinal Herbs

Posted by Ingrid Bauer, M.D., M.S. & Benjamin Zappin, L.Ac. on Nov 22nd 2021

We believe food is an essential foundation for health and wellness. In our  practices and in our shop, we’re constantly navigating the intersection of food and medicine, and bone b … read more
​How to Make Vegan Broth (with 6 Recipes)

Posted by Ingrid Bauer, MD, MS on Nov 22nd 2021

Stocks, broths, and soups offer countless delicious and nutrient-dense possibilities for optimizing wellness year-round. During the colder times of year, or when we are feeling poorly,  stoc … read more
Plant Poisons & Potions in Lore, Magic & Medicine

Posted by Benjamin Zappin, LAc on Oct 27th 2021

Autumn, and in particular Samhain (pronounced “SOW-wehn” and translated as “summer’s end”), is a time when herbs for introspection and transcendence are used to connect with sublimated aspects of o … read more