TCM Remedies for Spring Wellness

Posted by Benjamin Zappin, LAc on Apr 12th 2022

Spring’s arrival is heralded by vivid greenery, delicate blooms—and some significant energy shifts. In the five phase model of Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring correlates with the Wood element … read more
Surviving Pollen Season with Chinese Medicine

Posted by Benjamin Zappin, LAc on Mar 22nd 2022

Spring is one of the finest times of year to spend outdoors, taking in the verdance of new life unfurling and feeling the energizing effects of longer days. Along with seasonal delights like warmer … read more
Neti Pot Use Tips for Seasonal Congestion & More

Posted by Jules Benefico, Certified Clinical Herbalist on Mar 22nd 2022

Most of us deal with congestion at some point during the year, either seasonally or as a symptom of occasional illness. And while stuffiness is often not a serious threat to our health (though … read more