Clear Passage Tincture

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Clear Passage Tincture

(4 reviews) Write a Review
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Supports clear nasal passages and sinuses.*
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  • Clear Passage

    This is the best supplement I’ve ever taken for seasonal allergies. I’m allergic to every grass and this tincture keeps me from itching and sneezing and having mucus. It’s been a miracle.

    Posted by S. Allison on Jul 13th 2022

  • works so well to dry out my sinus and stop coughing

    This stuff is amazing. I had post RSV sinus congestion and post nasal drip influenced cough for 2 weeks after my fever had already resolved. I was coughing myself awake at night. Clear Passage came recommended as a way to help clear out the last remmenants. I've been amazed that while using it I can sleep completely through the night and day w/o coughing. I still have some coughing in the evenings when it is wearing off, but once I have my 3 dropperfuls before bed it all goes away. THANK YOUR Five Flavor herbs!

    Posted by herblover on Feb 8th 2022

  • Clear Passage

    I use everday to eliminate sinus headaches and allergy symptoms. I have been using for two plus years. It was recommended by my accupuncturist. Love this product!

    Posted by Dianne Atchinson Keller on Apr 8th 2021

  • clear passage

    This is the best tincture for seasonal allergies. I've been using it for 10 years. I highly recommend it!

    Posted by Doreen Lew on Mar 22nd 2021