Dit Dat Jiao Liniment

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Supports the musculoskeletal system in cases of occasional mild aches and pains.*

Dit Dat Jiao translates to "Fall and Strike Liniment." and ours is modeled after formulas traditionally used in martial combat in Asia for thousands of years. Resins such as myrrh, frankincense, and dragon’s blood quicken the Blood, alleviate discomfort, and accelerate the regeneration of new tissue. We add signature herbs Arnica and St. John’s Wort to enhance the formula’s ability to resolve swelling and bruising. We have many clinician clients who apply this during or adjacent to acupuncture, chiropractic, or bodywork sessions.*

Size: 2 oz bottle with spray top.

Suggested use: Spray on clean, unbroken skin.

Ingredients: Organic Arnica flower, Fresh-extracted St. Johnswort aerial parts, San Qi Ginseng root, Organic Angelica sinensis root [Dang Gui], Sustainably Wild-harvested Frankincense resin [Ru Xiang], Sustainably Wild-harvested Myrrh resin [Mo Yao], Costus root [Mu Xiang], Red PEssential Oilny root (PaEssential Oilnia veitchii) [Chi Shao], Safflower flower [Hong Hua], Peach pit kernel [Tao Ren]*, Organic Turmeric rhizome, Organic Clove flower bud, Cattail pollen [Pu Huang], Dragon’s Blood resin [Xue Jie], Camphor, Cane Alcohol, Water. Contains Tree Nuts

Caution: Do not apply to broken skin; irritation may occur. May stain clothing. For topical use only.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.