The Conceivable ProLine is a group of modular tinctures formulated specifically to address the underlying causes of infertility in accordance with principles of TCM. Conceivable ProLine tinctures are ordered in bulk, then combined in a modular fashion, so that you can address the unique presentation of each individual patient. This specialized approach allows for flexibility and freedom in prescribing, while keeping the process simple and efficient for the modern practice.

Modular prescriptions are simple and flexible, allowing you to address a wide range of clinical complaints in an elegant and effective manner. Additionally, our modular tinctured formulas are easy to dispense, meaning you’ll spend less time measuring and weighing ingredients, and more time with your patients. Our unique and comprehensive system makes it easy for your patients to understand and administer their herbs properly. This simplicity leads to increased patient compliance, better clinical outcomes, higher patient retention, and ultimately increased practice revenue.

Easy! Our formulas are designed to be mixed and matched to create personalized combinations based on patient symptoms and the phases of the menstrual cycle. Simply choose the base formula that most directly addresses your differential diagnosis, then add modifiers that address the branches of that diagnosis. Still confused? We recommend watching our clinical meetups on Vimeo or contact us at to request a training.

Tinctures are one of the most effective options for the administration of herbal products. By extracting our herbs with water, glycerin, and alcohol, we are able to extract and preserve an exceedingly high percentage of active ingredients, far more than by decoction alone. All of our formulas are made at a 1:3. 125 herb to solvent ratio, providing effective herbal treatment.

One of the best aspects of tinctures is that they are so easy for your patients to use! Tinctures require no cooking, mixing, or even a glass of water to wash them down. This makes them great for people that are on the go, and for all of us with busy modern lifestyles. When herbs are easy to take, barriers to use are removed and patients are more compliant. The more compliant patients are, the better results they get. The better the clinical results, the more your practice will grow! Furthermore, Conceivable ProLine tinctures are only available in approved clinical practices, so patients can’t buy them on Amazon or in health food stores.

All of our tinctures are gluten free. The formula 'Relief' contains tao ren (Prunus davidiana), a tree nut which is a potential allergen. The formula ‘Warm’ contains lu rong (deer antler) which is sustainably sourced within the United States.

Our herbs are extracted with water, alcohol, and glycerin double extracted with a heat process. Compared to decoction alone, or other processes where ingredients are extracted using water only, tinctures offer a much more complete extraction of active ingredients.

Our herbs should not produce any adverse effects. We have used these formulas for the last 15 years with over 7,000 patients without any adverse effects. They have been specifically designed with patient comfort and safety in mind. However, if your patient does experience any undesirable effects, they should immediately discontinue use.

Patients that are sensitive to alcohol can decant their formula into a cup of hot water prior to taking. Because our tinctures are extracted with both glycerin and alcohol, they’re actually 35% alcohol by input. The amount of ethanol consumed at 6 ml a day is less than eating a whole piece of ripe fruit or the bread in a sandwich!

Please check each formula’s information page for a complete list of ingredients. While most formulas are allergen free, some may contain items such as citrus or shells.

Each bottle of tincture is marked with a manufacture date, and we recommend using the product within 5 years of that date. Because both alcohol and glycerin have preservative properties, our tinctures have a much longer shelf-life than either raw herbs or granule preparations.

Yes! We are an FDA-registered facility and we are 3rd party cGMP certified by SGS.

All of our tinctures go through a comprehensive microbial panel and are confirmed below stringent California Prop 65 levels for heavy metals before being released for distribution.

A significant portion of the herbs that we source are certified organic and Five Flavors Herbs is certified as a processor/handler by CCOF.

Because of our unique process, our tinctures are more palatable than most other products on the market. They are slightly sweet and herby, while having very little alcohol “sting.”

The recommended serving size is 2 mL (2 oz dropper is approximately 0.7 mL) 3 times per day. Our clinical meet ups will often include discussions of serving size strategies for individualized presentations.

One advantage of tinctures is that they’re shelf stable. They do not need to be refrigerated, but will last longer if kept out of light and heat. You may notice some herbal sediment in the bottom of the bottle which is completely normal, you can shake gently to resuspend solution.

All of our formulas are proudly produced in the USA following current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) standards. Our manufacturers are highly trained professionals tasked with seeking out the cleanest, highest quality and most environmentally friendly products on earth. All of our ingredients are tested for heavy metals, groundwater contaminations, pharmaceuticals, radiation, pesticides and sulfur dioxide.

They sure can! The founders of Conceivable ProLine have been offering and teaching this approach to prescribing for 20 years. Because Conceivable ProLine formulas are made to mix and match, there are essentially infinite combinations available. Painting is a good analogy. The great painters didn’t have more colors on their palettes, they simply knew how to mix and apply the fundamental colors to achieve amazing effects.

As an herbalist you probably have your favorite go-to formulas. The founders of Conceivable ProLine spent 20 years specializing in fertility and women’s health and tailored these formulas to address the specific needs of this population. The Conceivable ProLine is the sum of this experience. The formulas are comprehensive, yet simple and elegant. Our modular approach allows you to be flexible as a practitioner, and to address the unique presentation of each patient.

Absolutely. One of the primary advantages to using our system is that it allows you to address the unique presentation of each of your patients.

Our line of products is great for new practitioners. Our product line is affordable, comprehensive and systematized, making it especially easy for starting practitioners to use. The Conceivable line is based on addressing the constitutional imbalances that are the root causes of infertility. If you can make a basic diagnosis, you can use our product line! As you grow as a practitioner, Conceivable grows with you, with add-on formulas and infinitely customizable combinations. We have an extensive catalog of training to support practitioners and clinics in using the system.

We designed our product line to make communication between practitioners in a busy practice easier and more accurate. Using a modular system leaves less room for mistakes and miscommunications. Our system also helps ensure a consistent level of excellence across practitioners of all skill levels.