First Response Tincture

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First Response Tincture

(2 reviews) Write a Review
Upper respiratory support
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  • Changed my life!

    This tincture has completely changed my life. I was getting every cold my kids were bringing home until I started using this. It is an excellent formula. Now I buy it in 4 ounce bottles and use it all winter long.

    Posted by Susie M on Jul 20th 2021

  • First Response

    Even before COVID, whenever I would get a cold, it would go to my upper respiratory areas. First response seems to knock it put. With the fear of catching COVID we are not out and about, but whenever we go to a store or see our adult kids, we take some. Our hope of we do catch something, First Response can keep our condition mild.

    Posted by Rosanne on Dec 1st 2020