Easy Moon Tincture

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Easy Moon Tincture

(4 reviews) Write a Review

Menstrual Flow Support

New Name, Same Great Formula!

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  • Easy Moon

    This is the only way I can find comfort while on my moon. In the 32 years I have been cycling this is the best relief I have gotten from cramps. Your formulators are magical and I share this with every woman I know because we should not have to suffer monthly. My uterus and I thank you!

    Posted by Sarah Magnolia on Jun 6th 2024

  • Magical Drops

    My acupuncturist recommended this to me to help alleviate PMS symptoms! The taste isn't the best, BUT this has been a game-changer. My PMS symptoms are less intense. I use this twice a day, 7 - 10 days before my cycle is expected.

    Posted by Jessica on Dec 28th 2022

  • Such a great formula!

    Tried this after being diagnosed with a 6cm fibroid. My periods were a nightmare, getting worse every month, and my usual herbal routine wasn't helping anymore. By day 2 using this it was as effective as the meds my doctor gave me without any of the obnoxious side effects. So thankful! Great product.

    Posted by Agatha on Oct 11th 2021

  • Amazing

    My acupuncturist gave me this because I have really bad cramps each month. It's amazing how well it works to relieve my suffering! I am very grateful for this product.

    Posted by Anonymous on Feb 11th 2021