Consultations by donation Wednesday through Friday 2-6 at Five Flavors Herbs

BenIngridPharmacyCounterWe create high quality herbal products that respect the earth while supporting individuals’ health.


IMG_0223We offer custom formulation services for herbal practitioners of all backgrounds, from acupuncturists to medical doctors


IMG_0545Our formulas draw from age-old traditions, our clinical experience, and modern scientific research.


sierra_wildflowersCalifornia’s wild landscapes and native plant communities never cease to amaze and inspire us.


Chuck GarciaWe support local farmers and ethical wildcrafting whenever possible.



Uniting Chinese and Western herbal traditions through unique products and custom formulation services.

staffpicOur knowledgeable, friendly staff help make herbal medicine accessible to the East Bay community and beyond


Since our inception we have proudly harvested many of our West Coast native medicinals ourselves in their natural environments. Not only does this keep us emotionally connected to the medicine we make for others, it also provides us with confidence that our products are indeed “ethically wildcrafted.” We have been visiting the same ecosystems for over a decade, witnessing stable if not more robust plant communities over time. We never harvest more than 10% of a stand; we harvest aerial portions whenever possible; when digging roots we re-plant crowns or remove only lateral roots; we harvest away from roads, trails, and campsites that are contaminated or heavily impacted already. After harvesting, we always inspect to make sure the area looks no different than when we arrived. We acknowledge that everything we do makes an impact on the earth, and give thanks for the bountiful gifts of nature that we share with our patients and customers.