Once you’ve created your Custom Formula, there are just a few more steps to process your cart and submit your order. Using the guidelines below, you will be able to make sure your order is processed.



Review your order

Once you have added your formula to your cart, you will be asked to review your order. This is your last chance to make sure the make up of your formula is correct. This is a great moment to double check that your total quantity is correct and the order is associated with the correct patient.



Prepare your cart for checkout

Before you get to the final check out screen, you should check your cart and make sure everything is set the way you intended. You can only have one patient in your cart at a time as everything in your cart will be billed/delivered to one person. In your cart, you can set or change your Markup as well as manage your refill settings for each formula.



Establish who will pay and how your order will be delivered

You’ve finally made it to the check out screen! Now it is time to decide if your formula will be shipped to you, shipped to your patient, or picked up by you, your patient or their representative.

Next, decide who will pay for this formula. Most practitioners have their patients pay us directly so they can utilize the Markup function to make money off of their formulas. You also have the option to vouch for your order, which often provides faster turn around as we don’t have to wait for patient payment. To learn more about Vouching CLICK HERE.



Submit your order

Now it is time to submit your order! If your patient is paying you will see a detailed view of their invoice on the left and buttons that provide links to a payment page on the right. You can send your patient a link to pay via text message or email, we recommend using both.

If you are paying, you can enter your credit card information on the right hand side, or use a card that you have saved in your Payment Settings found in the left hand side navigation bar. If you have credits from previous mark ups, you can pay with those as well.

Remember that while sending payment links to your patient does alert our pharmacy of your order, we will not begin filling your order until payment is received. You can expect your order to be ready 24 hours after payment is made, though they are often ready much sooner.


For any further questions or concerns regarding our online ordering software, please email us at pharmacy@fiveflavorsherbs.com