Yarrow Hydrosol

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Yarrow, the ultimate boundary medicine. For distinguishing between what is ours and what is not. A protector of porous membranes of our skin and energetic forcefield . A first aid spray to staunch bleeding and cool skin inflammation. Tend cuts, scrapes, minor wounds, burns and support healthy boundaries. My favorite ally for tattoo care and sunburns and an essential part of my travel first aid kit.

Spray onto clean skin & hair, into the bath or on your bed pillow. Use as a ritual mist to access intentional space, promote restful sleep and quiet overactive thoughts, or as a refreshing and lightly scented body mist.

Yarrow hydrosol makes an excellent all purpose disinfectant for minor wounds, tattoos, and is especially cooling to burns. When applied immediately to minor burns and sunburns, it can eliminate blistering. Store in the refrigerator for added potency and cooling effects.


Our small batch hydrosols provide the benefits of plant aromatherapy without the overpowering scent or unethical practices of mass produced essential oils.

Made with locally grown organic herbs steam distilled in small batches in a traditional copper alembic still using pure distilled water.


Fresh organic & local herbs. Harvested at peak potency. Cultivated in Northern California using sustainable farming practices. Lovingly handcrafted under the guidance of stars, sun and moon.

This listing is for a (2) oz. spray bottle of herbal aromatherapy mist.


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