Saffron Mist

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Ozonated water promotes healthy skin cell growth + repair. Ozonated water is high in anti-viral + anti-bacterial properties. Abundant antioxidants from all the ingredients together. Tones and improves skin texture + radiance. The ozonated water blend with rose water, when mixed with saffron, helps with balancing the skin’s PH as well as skin irritation. Lavender oil helps as an anti-inflammatory, with acne + redness. Size: 1.7 oz (50 mL). Ingredients: All organic: Bulgarian rose oil, Egyptian hibiscus extract, Hand-selected Persian saffron and Persian rose buds, Ojai lavender oil, Ozonated distilled water. Suggested Use: Spray onto the skin any time of the day for immediate hydration and protection. Can be used after cleansing to tone or over makeup for setting. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.