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Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the need to support efforts for “social distancing”, we have temporary closed our doors to the public starting Monday, March 16th. We will be open for business via phone and online:

  • Phone and online orders for our products and selected bulk herbs that we can ship anywhere in the US. You can still shop with us! Be on the look out for links to new additions to our online store in the coming days.
  • We are offering free shipping on retail purchases over $200! *this does not apply to our custom formulation pharmacy service
  • Our online custom formulation Pharmacy Service will operate as usual. We recommend having your items shipped, but pick up is still an option.


We proudly serve the Oakland and Bay Area communities. While many manufacturers close their doors to the public, we take great pride and joy in supporting our friends and neighbors with a retail store and herbal pharmacy. Urban 21st century living not only presents immunity, nervous system, and adrenal challenges, but also estranges us from the wild world of plants. We are honored to support the whole health needs of our community through our classes and field trips, in-store counsel, diverse product and practitioner offerings, and by connecting people to the caring landscape of herbalism.

All of the herbal extracts we produce are available in our pharmacy, making us the most diverse bulk tincture stop in the nation. Five Flavors Herbs is the only herbal pharmacy in the US providing bulk tincture direct to consumers calling on such a wide inventory of herbs. We are a Chinese herb store, bulk Western herb depot, and supplement shop. Our staff members’ expertise is as manifold as the herbs we offer, with knowledge spanning East Asian medicine, Ayurveda, naturopathic medicine, Western medicine, Western herbalism, Latin American folk practices, plant spirit healing, doula training, and Western alchemy.

We love sharing our knowledge and remedies with everyone who walks through our door and are thrilled to have a customer base that reflects the diverse community we cherish.  

Practitioners wishing to utilize our pharmacy service to assemble custom formulas for their patients should sign up for an account here.


Visit us in Oakland for:



344 40th St, Oakland CA, 94609


Monday-Friday 9:30am - 6:00pm
Saturdays 11am - 4pm
Closed: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.

Call ahead to have your formula filled in advance!

"I was so excited to learn that Five Flavors Herbs was opening their shop locally, because I was looking forward to creating custom formulas for my patients using both Western and Chinese Herbs. This has definitely been a wonderful part of my experience with Five Flavors, but it has gone way beyond that. Dedication to quality, community, great personalized care taken with service to practitioners, creative and effective formulas, are just a few of the jewels that Five Flavors offers! I am so grateful that they are here."
- Shoshana Uribe, L.Ac.