Marketing Coordinator


Marketing Coordinator

Remote Position + occasional travel

32-40 hours/ week

Position starts at $28/ hour

Full Benefits Package Available.


To Apply please send a resume, cover letter, 2 references, a visual portfolio, and one writing sample of a blog or strong botanical writing to

Do you love herbal medicine and consider yourself an analytical digital marketer with stellar writing skills? Five Flavors Herbs, a dynamic herbal extract manufacturer, retailer, and custom herbal pharmacy based in Oakland and Nevada City, California, is looking for an experienced marketing coordinator to join our team. Ideally you’ll also be  able to work well independently and in a team while being open to feedback and direction from others. You have  demonstrable experience in digital marketing, are a strong writer and editor, analytical, deadline-driven, and have a solid background in herbal medicine and/or dietary supplements. This position involves planning, implementing, and analyzing omnichannel marketing campaigns targeted to an array of audiences, including our retail and wholesale customers (both online and at in-person events). This position also involves working with the owners and management team to drive e-commerce and other sales revenues. This is a full-time position (32-40 hours) with benefits, and it is a remote position with occasional travel to Oakland and Nevada City.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Project Management: organized project manager, able to coordinate cross-departmentally and with owners, managers, consultants, and other vendors.

  • Marketing Implementation: able to conceive of and implement marketing efforts for all aspects of business, including brick-and-mortar shop, B2C ecommerce, pharmacy, practitioners, wholesale, contract manufacturing, and classes/events; known channels include:

    • Social media: current platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter; able to stay on top of trends to implement efforts on other emergent platforms (e.g. Clubhouse, TikTok, etc.); implement all aspects of social media or work with third-party vendors to implement, including but not limited to:

      • Daily social engagement on our social channels

      • Regular social engagement with other like-minded accounts to grow following and engagement

      • Giveaway partner selection, communication, and logistics

      • Copywriting

      • Visual creation

      • Hashtag research

      • Scheduling/boosting

      • Influencer/affiliate marketing

    • Email marketing: email newsletters (weekly+) and automated drip campaigns that drive revenue for B2B and B2C ecommerce; manage and grow list (including list hygiene).

    • Digital ads: work with vendors to execute paid advertising strategies on Google and social media.

    • Blog writing/editing: write at least 2 blogs/mo and edit blogs written by owners and other guest authors; enhance copy/content for SEO.

    • Content calendar: create a content calendar for all channels and audiences/departments and coordinate with all parties to ensure content is deployed well and on time.

    • Influencer/Affiliate marketing: help implement program and related technologies, coordinate, and manage relationships with influencers and affiliates.

    • Partnerships: research and coordinate partnership opportunities, including social media giveaways, guest speaking/blogging opportunities for co-founders, etc.

    • Events: plan and execute communications to promote events and follow-up with attendees/participants post-event. Research potential industry events Five Flavors Herbs should attend/sponsor to help meet organizational goals as well as represent the company at industry trade shows and other events.

    • Website: work with the Retail team to ensure data, product descriptions, and photos of products updated on webstore and social media platforms are consistent and on brand. Work with consultants to ensure the website is optimized for and producing conversions.

  • Marketing Budget: oversee and adhere to the Marketing Expense Budget.

  • Marketing Reporting: track KPIs regularly and use the data to make decisions that improve marketing efficacy.

  • Other duties, as assigned.



Required Skills

  • Excellent written and verbal communication.

  • Analytical, deadline-driven, results-oriented; uses data to make marketing decisions.

  • 3-5+ years experience in marketing.

  • Supplemental photography and video,

  •  Graphic design for digital/online platforms.

    • Master level use of Canva

  • Basic knowledge of TCM, Western herbalism, and natural health, including familiarity with botanical terms, Latin nomenclature, and pin yin, as well as vitamins, supplements, and overall trends in the natural health marketplace. 

  • Sales and outreach communication experience.

  • Strong computer skills and proficient in Google applications.

  • Strong understanding of Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest social media platforms; ideally will have proficiency in Twitter and other emergent platforms (Clubhouse, etc) 

Preferred Skills

  • College degree in business, marketing, or related field (bachelor’s degree+).

  • Experience in both B2B and B2C marketing.

  • Clinical herbal experience

  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (Indesign, Photoshop, Premiere).

  • Familiarity with DSHEA guidelines for communicating publicly about dietary supplements and herbal medicine. 

  • SEO experience.

  • Web design experience.

  • Spanish and/or Chinese language skills.

  • Analysis of social media and web sales reports in order to make data-driven marketing decisions