Here is a step- by- step guide detailing how to order a custom formula online.



Step 1: Log in and select Build Formula

Log in to your account at and select BUILD FORMULA from your Dashboard on the left hand side navigation bar. Chose the type of formula you would like to build, Granule, Tincture or Raw. Western herbalists hoping to order a tea blend, choose Raw as your formula option.



Step 2: Select your Patient and Name your formula

First step in building a custom formula is to assign a patient. If your patient is not yet in our system, follow the button to Add New Patient. Assigning a patient to the formula is not required, but is best practice if the formula is for a particular person — that way the formula will be saved in the patient’s order history, and you’ll be able to send a link to your patient to collect payment. Your patient won’t be able to order refills unless they are assigned to the formula.

Next, name your formula. This will be seen by your patient and be referenced for ordering refills. We suggest avoiding using patients names, or making claims to cure maladies.



Step 3: Assign your dosage and Calculate the total quantity of your formula

When you enter dosage instructions using our assigned fields, the system calculates an estimate of the total amount you will need. For tinctures, use this number as an estimate and round as necessary to meet our bottle size requirements. You are also welcomed to turn the calculator off and type in your own instructions instead. Be sure to always enter your Set Total Amount before listing the herbs in your formula.



Step 4: Select Herbs and quantities

Add herbs and formulas line by line. Granules can be found by Pinyin, while tincture or Raw will be found by Pinyin, Latin or English common name. After each herb, enter the quantity you would like. You can enter the exact amount, the percentage, or the part- however you feel comfortable. Our system will automatically adjust your order to account for the correct ratio based on your Set Total Quantity.



Step 5: Set your Refill Settings

Please be sure to set refill settings for your patients. Our Pharmacy will use these instructions when your patients request refills in the future. You can set as many as you’d like. We recommend using the expiration date for when you would like to see your patient again. This will let them know that if they are still using this formula after a certain date, they should check in with you before further use. If patients request a refill for a formula that does not have assigned refill settings we will not refill your formula and will reach out to you to let you know they have requested it.



Step 6: Save Your Formula for later or add it to your cart

The last step before you check out is to save your formula. If you select Save As Custom Formula, it can be found under Saved Formulas on your dashboard navigation bar. If you select Save and Check Out, you will be directed to a pre-checkout screen where you can review the basic details one last time before choosing the payment method and delivery options for your order.


For Checkout instructions click here

For further questions or concerns with using our online software, please email us at