Quality Coordinator




Quality Coordinator- Grass Valley, Five Flavors Herbs 

40 hrs/ week

Reports to Director of Quality

To apply please submit a resume, cover letter and 2 professional references to 


This position is an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of quality systems and regulations that pertain to the manufacture of dietary supplements. From ingredient receiving, to quality control in production, to post-production analysis of botanical extracts, and ready for the consumer dietary supplements. This position consists of a diverse variety of tasks that will keep you engaged. You will be collaborating and coordinating with Quality and Production teams to ensure high standards of quality are maintained.


  • Maintain open and comprehensive communications between Manufacturing Manager, Quality Director, and Production Supervisor by participating in weekly team meetings and ongoing onsite and email communication.

  • Support all production personnel in Quality compliance of production, sanitation and administrative duties.

  • Contribute to production management software and tools. Collaborate with the Manufacturing Manager and Production Supervisor to guide the daily & weekly production schedule board.

  • Comply with all production, sanitation and administrative procedures and SOPs. 

  • Collaboration with the Quality Director and Production Supervisor in providing employee training related to production, sanitation, receiving, and fulfillment procedures delineated in SOPs. 

  • Collection and management of representative and retention samples. 

  • Review testing/examination, release or disposition of all completed batches/LOTs/products.

  • Verify the adherence to specifications and procedures in production, sanitation, facilities, holding and distribution.

  • Maintain organized and accurate physical and digital records to ensure comprehensive traceability within documentation systems. 

  • Support and coordinate with inventory management personnel.



  • Receive in quarantine, verify compliance with supplier and internal specifications, and approve for use all components intended for use production. Coordinate with the Quality Director for verification of identity and material quality. 

  • Retain and archive physical samples of all incoming materials, and photograph all botanical materials. Perform all prescribed examinations and analyses delineated in component raw material specifications documents.

  • Coordinate with procurement personnel to ensure materials purchased comply with internal specifications and to rectify specification compliance issues as needed.

  • Investigate and document findings of specification non-compliances. Coordinate with the Quality Director in findings determination and completion of the investigations.

  • Collaborate with the Quality Director in the supplier qualification program.



  • Maintain open and comprehensive communications with the Quality Director by participating in weekly team meetings and throughout the week communications.

  • Issuance and performance of QA/QC related documents (FPS, RMS, production/sanitation/preventative maintenance related documents/logs) 

  • Issuance of all batch production documents (MMRs, BPRs, BLRs etc.)

  • Comply with all QA/QC related procedures and SOPs.

  • Collaborate with the Quality Director, Manufacturing Manager, and Production Supervisor in SOP and production document template creation/revision procedures.

  • Label creation, review, revision and reconciliation for labels used in quality and production functions.

  • Performance of preventative maintenance procedures, environmental and sanitation monitoring and verification procedures, water testing procedures, and equipment/instrumentation calibration procedures. 

  • Performance of investigations of deviations in pre & post production Quality Control procedures,  product complaints and returns, and participation in recall or mock-recall procedures. 

  • Collaborate with the Quality Director in the facilitation of audits and inspections from applicable regulatory bodies, and participation in response and completion of corrective actions issued by those regulatory bodies. 



  • Performance of investigations related to the environmental and sanitation monitoring and verification program.

  • Daily oversight of all sanitation related procedures and issue diagnosis. 

  • Housekeeping duties of Quality department  areas.

  • Performance of employee training related to sanitation procedures. 

  • Attendance and participation in all sanitation related meetings. 

  • Collaborate with the Quality Director in the development of sanitation, personnel hygiene, and dress code SOPs. 



  • 2+ years' experience working in a production or manufacturing environment.

  • Excellent communication skills and leadership both verbally and through written media. Ability to communicate (both verbally and in writing) in English.

  • Strong number skills and basic math. Experience with inventory management is desired.

  • Strong attention to detail- someone who routinely double checks their work and can serve as the bottom line for identifying errors.

  • Basic computer skills- comfortable learning new softwares and managing data input and retrieval.

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, to manage high-stress situations, and to be flexible and adaptable when a situation requires.

  • For extended periods, must be capable of sitting, squatting, standing, kneeling, bending, or walking through the workday.  Must be able to work from a standing position 8 hours a day.

  • Lifting up to 50 lbs may be required intermittently.

  • Manual dexterity and typing skills are required for this position.

  • Must be able to handle constructive feedback and guidance and offer the same to others in the department.



  • Cares deeply about plants and people

  • Experience with western herbs and Chinese herbs and formulas, including familiarity with botanical terms, Latin nomenclature, and pinyin

  • Experience utilizing and adhering to standard regulatory bodies in a commercial production environment