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Bulk Chinese Herbs And Formulas

Our herb shop offers bulk Chinese herbs available as singles and as custom formulas.

Because we care about quality, safety, and purity, we source the vast majority of our Chinese herbs from Spring Wind Herbs in Berkeley, CA. Spring Wind carefully tests each batch of herbs for pesticides and sulfur, ensures proper botanical identification, and offers many certified organic herbs.

Bulk Chinese Herbs And Formulas

See below for availability, pricing and ordering information:

Bulk Chinese herb availability list: Bulk Chinese Herbs & Prices

Custom formula order form: FiveFlavorsCustomFormula2013

Bulk herb formulas are $3.00/oz ($0.10/gram) except for more expensive herbs (see list below); practitioners on account receive a 15% discount.

Herb Price/oz/g Herb Price/oz/g
Bai Zi Ren $3.00/0.11 Mei Gui Hua $3.25/0.12
Ban Xia $5.00/0.18 Qiang Huo $5.00/0.18
Chai Hu $3.75/0.13 Ren Shen $7.00/0.25
Dang Shen $5.00/0.18 Suan Zao Ren (sheng/chao) $3.50/0.13
Fang Feng $3.00/0.11 Tao Ren $3.00/0.11
Fo Shou $3.50/0.13 Tian Ma $6.75/0.24
Fu Zi $3.50/0.13 Xi Yang Shen $8.00/0.28
Huang Lian $3.75/0.13 Yuan Zhi $3.75/0.13
Jin Yin Hua $5.00/0.18 Zhu Ling $5.00/0.18
Ju Hong Pi $3.00/0.11